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A+, Great Book with an excellent Program

"Prior to reading this book I was utilizing the Body for Life program and I have converted to Body Rx. Scott Connelly does a much better job presenting the nutrition and exercise program. The routines are much more exciting and focused. He doesn't push a lot of supplements and I have seen results that I didn't see in my last program. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone. "

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Awesome Program

"I have tried the Body for life program for over a year. Although I did get some results, I was pretty disappointed with the overall results. Those pictures are a bunch of bunk by the way. I followed the eating and drank myoplex til I was blue in the face. Everytime I called EAS, they always recommended some other expensive supplement to buy and take. I was tired of working my butt off and spending tons of money. So I decided to look for another alternative and found Body RX from Dr. Scott Connelly. I'm glad he can tell the difference between a vegetable and carbohydrate unlike Bill Phillips. I have been on the program 3 weeks and have seen incredible results. I can't wait to move into the other three stages (sculpting, burning, and maintenance). I appreciate this book and would recommend it to anyone. Especially those who have given the Body for life a sincere try and have been disappointed with the results. Thanks Dr. Connelly for this book and keep those Connelly reports coming."

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Simple intelligent programme

"This book is exactly what the author emphasizes in the programme--simplicity rules!.Its very well organized and explains the science behind it thoroughly,simply and elegantly.He doesn't push his product as pointed out by another reviewer,and he has no suspicious before and after pictures(he does have a few examples and they look genuine).He points out very early on that the diet is 80% of the fitness equation and says that exercise is optional, but the ideal way to get into shape is the combination.You may actually find yourself exhausted from eating because there's a lot of food allowed.The meal plan is SO simple and it takes you one day at the beginning of each 6 week cycle(there are 4)to organize the rest of the 6 weeks.There's large protein allotment, with plenty of fruit and vegetables, and a tapering supply of certain carbs(most of which you knew were not good for you anyway).The maintenance programme is more liberal with carbs and has a weekly cheat day, which he encourages you to have.The exercise plan requires 4 days a week with access to the gym for just 5 exercises(in one hour)each time,is very well organized and will not kill you.In the time that I have used it,I have not emerged dying from the gym and I'm pleasantly sore.It has modifications for the gym routine to fit your schedule e.g. 3 day routines."

"I would recommnd creating a list of your favourite higher protein recipes or modifying them with his simple guidelines, using Corinne Netzer's Food Count books to figure out the details.There are no strange foods required(he doesn't cook,he confesses) and its simple to put one of his meal plans together.Examples of his mealplans are salads,burgers,meatloaf and so on.You can easily do this even though he does not provide actual recipes.Nothing is forbidden in terms of carbs,but you do have to count some carb grams in some foods.There is no calorie counting.After the zone and its tedious planning,this so doable."

"Do I have any unkind things to say? Well, the protein intake is very high and there is some concern as to producing accelerated osteoporosis in women(based on some medical studies)but the weight lifting protocol will probably strengthen bone to overcome this.The maintenance diet is also more reasonable in this regard.He doesn't do aerobics himself,attributing leanness to his diet and weight routine, but says that you can do three short(20-30min) sessions weekly if you want to,and this is contrary to most fitness books out there.The weight routine will get your heart rate up but I choose to do the three sessions of aerobics.The only thing I really liked about"Body For Life" was the quick,brainless and effective 20 minute aerobic interval.Of all the weight lifting books I have read, the best in terms of technique explanation plus wonderful visualization and focus tips remains "A Woman's Book of Strength" by Karen Andes.Don't let the title fool you,guys-she's the co-owner of Gold's Gym.This book is reasonable with some appropriate safety tips and some substitutions for the exercises required.If you're stuck, a reasonable gym trainer will unstick you because there's nothing earth shattering here. "

"I'll tell you how I'm doing in 6 weeks. If you do want to buy this book,it will be worth your money and remember what the best part of this book is--Simplicity.You will heave a sigh of relief when you see it and the man is a walking ad for his method."

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The scientific approach to rid your body of its fat

"Dr. A. Scott Connelly is a tremendously respected medical doctor, metabolic specialist, personal trainer, and nutritional engineer. He was the first person to develop the now famous Meal Replacement Powder; it was, of course, Met-Rx. Met-Rx revolutionized human nutrition, especially for those involved in athletic endeavors. Its a potent high protein, moderate carb, and low fat super food. Its design was based on research Dr. Connelly did with 'wasting' patients. It was designed to give a person a flow of protiens and amino acids for a sustained period of time to prevent catabolism. It has done its job well, and I've used the product with tremendous success."

"I was surprised that he did not push the product at all and only mentioned it by name a couple of times in the book, as opposed to another famous supplement "guru" who suggests three servings of his product everyday. Dr.Connelly knows what he's talking about. He's helped star athletes and average Joes get the body they've always wanted. Body Rx offers new insights into human nutrition and how the body handles nutrients. Dr. Connelly shows why the so called 'fat gene' is not the reason America is getting fatter; it's the processing of foods and the removal of vital fiber. He shows the relation between fructose intake and increasing belt sizes. He puts nutrition back where it should be; that is, as the main determinant as to how your body will look--significantly more important than exercise. This has been known for a long time but other diet experts have pushed aerobics and high-carb diets a"s the way to lose fat. Dr. Connelly explains lucidly why they are full of hot air, and why most of these so called experts would never want to be seen by others in a bathing suit."

The exercise aspect of the program is reasonable but still rigorous. You work out 4 times a week --the right way!--for about an hour each time. The workouts are intense, but not to the point where you'll burn out. It is the type of program I used to lose over 50 lbs(my program was actually from the Owner's Manual out of a package of Met-Rx). The essence of the program is based on Dr. Connelly's extensive knowledge of the human body and nutrition. It's based on one simple premise: build muscle and give the bill to fat. If you follow this program to its end, you will succeed!!! By the way, you will never, ever, ever, be hungry on this program. He gives a list of certain foods that you can eat until you are full and satisfied, and he never wants you to eat dull, tasteless meals. His suggestions are fantastic. I can't recommend this book highly enough."

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This book is the best I've read in years

"Ive read them all!! I extract all the great information from all the books I read. This book is a treasure trove of health. This book is the missing link of health and fitness. Buy it, do it, look great and feel great. Move over Atkins there is a new revolution in town, its Dr Scott Connelly and his awesome new book."

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"Excellent site. I just recently bought the book and could not put it down. I am going to give this a try. This comes from someone who has invested LOTS of money on every diet plan known to man. Just to gain the weight back. If I understand what I am reading it sounds like I am going to be grazing all day...Thanks Denise"

"Congratulations on the opening of your website. I've purchased your book, have much more energy after just a few days of following your recommendations... Thanks."

"Dr. Connelly, Great book. Great Program...Jeffrey"

"Great book! Thanks for writing it. Sports drinks have a lot of sugar in them and I don't want to feed my high school basketball players those drinks...They already drink a fair amount of water, which I keep pushing. Thanks, Eber"