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If you’ve been keeping up with the latest techniques for building muscle and burning fat, you’ve likely heard of Occlusion Training, otherwise known as Kaatsu. Yet, unlike most training fads that are here today, proven wrong tomorrow, this technique is the real deal. My first read on this training method was through someone I would call a bonafide training and nutrition expert, Alan Aragon, at his website;  I didn’t think much of it, until I saw an article by Dr. Layne Norton and realized just how effective this training method is. Then it dawned on me;  I may have been using a form of Occlusion Training for years, but didn’t know what to call it, or how it worked.


Here’s My Version.

Pick an exercise. Put enough weight on to do 12-15 reps. Do one set, take 3 breaths and begin the next set. By performing 4-8 sets per exercise in this fashion, you’ll have little need (or energy) to do more for that bodypart. You can do your normal split, or due to the intensity go to a full body or upper/lower body split, taking more full rest days. What you are doing is increasing the metabolic by products via lactic acid buildup, and possibly forcing more fast-twitch muscle fibers to be recruited by reducing the amount of oxygen that is available to the slow twitch fibers that require oxygen. This method was born out of boredom and the need to get out of the gym fast, but it works. I have no idea if this method has some of the attributes of Occlusion Training, but my guess is YES.


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