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If you’re looking to truly create an aesthetic physique, you need to understand the rules. No, it is not about sheer size for the sake of size, brutal mass or slabs of unruly beef…it’s about finesse, fine-tuning, crafting shape and detail, balance, shape and flow.

The following routine is from a friend of mine Jason Tweed (photo above), a physique athlete from Southern California. His body is the result of hard work, sweat, and attention to all the details.

Exercise and nutrition are tools of the trade for physique artists like Jason – use them to create your own masterpiece.

Perform 3 rounds of this 8 exercise circuit. It ain’t easy, but then again, it ain’t easy to be pretty!

  • Exercise 1: Leg press 30 reps (first round, close stance, feet high on plate, 2nd round, shoulder-width, feet mid-plate, 3rd round, (shown) feet wider than shoulder-width, feet mid-plate)
  • Exercise 2: Seated db side lateral raises, 20 reps
  • Exercise 3: Seated rear lateral raises, 20 reps
  • Exercise 4: 2 arm db row, incline bench, 20 reps
  • Exercise 5: Wide-stance front lat-pulldown, 20 reps
  • Exercise 6: Seated db press, overhead, 20 reps
  • Exercise 7: Seated db “W” press, 20 reps
  • Exercise 8: Burpees, 10 reps
  • Rest 2-3 minutes between each circuit.





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